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Formerly 'At Home in Boston'

40 years of gracious homestays!

Live like a Local

Short Term Homestays for students, scholars, consultants and executives

  •  Looking for an affordable and cozy option for your stay in the Boston area? We'll find you just the right home for you to join. 
  • Homes are chosen for comfort and compatibility; we want you to have a civilized place to live!
  • Accessible to public transportation; sometimes with parking options.
  • No security deposits or contracts 
  • Let us know your dates and purpose of your stay - we'll get right on finding you the right home in the right location.

One Week to Six Months; Maybe More!

  • Monthly rates from $800 - $1200 per month, depending on location and amenities.
  • All linens, towels, heat, water, electricity, WiFi and often cable TV are included. 
  • Access to kitchen and laundry
  • Bonus: a local resident on hand for tips and advice! 
  • Assured satisfaction; our homes are regularly inspected and guaranteed.

What People are Saying

Welcome to Boston! Time and again, our hosts and guests alike speak about the joys of sharing their culture and the life long bonds that form with a home stay experience. Many hosts have gone on to visit their guest's home country and many weddings have been attended around the world! Don't want to be that cozy with your host or guest? No problem! You are welcome to as much solitude as you desire. 

About Us

Moo Bishop, Director

Moo continues a 40 year tradition providing hosts and guests a solution to their needs. Having hosted many people over the years in her family home she has first hand knowledge of the joys - and potential pitfalls! - of the homestay experience.

40 Years Sharing Boston!

 We've worked with schools and universities, hospitals, and businesses in the greater Boston area for 40 years to make the right match between guest and host. Host homes are located throughout the city and suburbs, and have all been personally inspected by Our Home, Boston.


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We love Boston, our host families, AND our frequent visitors.

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